De top tien: Meest interessante ICO projecten die snel op de markt komen

10. Proof of TOSS

A decentralized betting protocol on blockchain, on a path to disrupt the $60 billion betting industry. Token holders can choose a role they want to play in the platform, create wagers, bet within wagers created by others or resolve disputes and determine results as judges of the platform, and earn tokens form any role they chose.


VLUX combines deep learning AI with blockchain, to improve access to affordable, low carbon energy by enabling peers to trade. Using VLUX’s existing energy monitor (“Verv”), VLUX obtains a comprehensive and real-time overview of the electricity consumption of a home.


Competitive online marketplace for conventional insurance products by the biggest insurance companiesGenerous compensation - up to 30% of the policy premium in Vernam tokens (VRN) is returned to clients“CryptoSafe” - a smart contract, guaranteeing that when a defined set of events occur, the client will be compensated with a certain amount of Vernam Tokens (VRN).